Brick Packaging


Standard Veneer Brickboards

This is our best selling board. They save cost and perform well in the package. We cut a variety of custom sizes and thicknesses to meet the needs of our customers.

Premium Wood Veneer

Halbert Mill's highest quality wood packaging board. It is smoother, more consistently flat, and more compatible with automated plants.

Green Wood Veneer

This Veneer is great for high volume users. The veneer is cut, treated, and palletized.


Plastic Brickboards are very consistent in size and strength for automated plants. Also they do not rot or mold and have significantly longer life in the brick package. Because plastic resins are refined from crude oil, Plastic Brickboards are more costly than wood boards.

Brick Paper

Halbert Mill cuts various sizes and types of paper in order to create maximum protection with the best package integrity for each brick cube.

Brick Edge Protection

Rolled Edge

  • Bladerunner is known by Brickmakers nationwide. It is available in different thicknesses, widths, and printed or unprinted.
  • Non woven MarGuard saves cost and performs well on the bottom of the brick cube.
  • Reinforced Brick Wrap is also available.

Preformed Corners

Best used for hand packaged brick, our preformed corners come in various lengths and thickness. They are designed to perform outside.